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About Me

Posted at — Jan 1, 2019

I’m Hajime Sano

I’m a Digital Analytics and Data Marketing advocate. I experienced “Data” and “Marketing” domains for 18 years from different positions such as Consultant at Ad Agency, Customer Success Manager at Solution Supplier and Technologist at Media company. Currently I work for a solution supplier again as a Solution Architect. Note that views on this blog and any social media posts are my own and nothing represents some company’s vision.

I’m thinking…

I’m really love to bring the real-time data and high-performance data processing in marketing world. Few years ago, I started the project called Atlas in the news media company to realize the real-time analytics for audience engagement and changing company culture into data-driven. After leaving the media company, I wanted to share my knowledge for analytics I learnt at the solution supplier & the media company. Today, I strongly wish to upgrade the web analytics standards like “pageviews” or “device based” to “engagement” or “single customer view” fashion. Because, when we get the permission to utilize user’s data, we also get a responsibility to optimize the user-experience by using data. Data economy should be “fair trade” and we are able to success together with users by data.


So, I’m leading and/or contributing some projects. For more information, please see my GitHub Pages here.